Hi I am Amy,

We specialize in shipping FRESH cut orchids from our farms in Thailand.

We cut and ship to your order –NEVER stocking flowers,either in Thailand, or in the destination country.

We can ship our flowers to almost any country in the world.

Our flowers are cut, and then transported in cold trucks to our cold Packing House, where they received the best handling and processing possible. We have only one quality standard – the Best!

Our flowers are graded by centimeter length, and are consistent within each bunch, and throughout the year.

We have been exporting from Thailand since 1999.

Our products include: Dendrobium, Mokara,Oncidium, Vanda, James Story, Lucky Bamboo.

The VERY BEST customer service is always our main goal.


Orchid Facts

Peter Lustig
Thailand produces between 90% and 99% of the cut flower Dendrobiums used worldwide
Peter Lustig
Low humidity and high temperatures can reduce vase life of cut flowers (see “Flower Care” inside)
Chris Super
Fresh fruits placed near cut flowers can produce a gas which may make cut flowers wilt faster and drop their blooms faster (see “Flower Care” inside)
Thai orchids are perennial and can produce dozens of flower spikes over their lifetime
Cut Dendrobiums can last up to four weeks if processed properly after harvesting, and cared for properly in shops and homes (see “Flower Care” inside)
Tropical orchids like Dendrobium perform better as cut flowers when stored at temperatures warmer than what roses prefer (see “Flower Care” inside)

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