Leis are a tradition from Hawaii.  Many people use them for Hawaiin or tropical themed events, like Weddings.  But, they can be used more broadly.  Many people give them to Secondary School and University students at graduation.  Leis are also given to show respect or welcome.  They can also be used at other times to add color and fun to any social gathering.  The most common colors are Dendrobium White and Bom (purple and white), but we can mix colors and even use dyed blooms for a more dramatic effect.  The possibilities are almost limitless.  (Our standard leis are assembled on a 40 inch string).


Single, Double, and Triple Dendrobium Bom Leis


Single, Double, and Triple Dendrobium Jade Leis


Single, Double, and Triple Dendrobium Sakura Leis


Single Dendrobium Leis – Jade, Sakura, and Bom

Single Dendrobium Leis

Dendrobium Laies can be made in Single, Double, and Triple styles.  Single style is the simplest and lowest cost, with all blooms facing along the string in the same direction.  Double style has blooms facing to opposite sides, so the sides of the blooms are visible.  This can provide interesting color contrast, since most Dendrobium blooms have backsides with lighter color than the front of the petals.  Triple style Dendrobium Leis are the fullest and most beautiful.  Their blooms face in three directions, covering the sides of the blooms with the colorful petals.

Double Dendrobium Leis

Triple Dendrobium Leis

Mokara Dendrobium Leis

Mokara Leis are quite different.  Mokara blooms are flat, while Dendrobium blooms are shaped like a flared cone.  We produce Mokara Leis in Single and Double styles.  Double strung Mokara blooms face to alternating sides.  Therefore, Double Mokara Leis will have a better appearance than Single strung Mokara (there will be a front side and a back side).

Ti Leaf Leis

Ti Leaf Leis are another Hawaiian tradition.  These can be made with or without flowers added.  We can modify our Leis as you wish.


Ti Leaf Lei with flowers – Closed

Ti Leaf Lei with flowers – Open

Head Leis are another option we can assemble for you.  We can use ferns, Ti leaf, or simply orchid blooms.  We can tie closed for you, or leave open for you to close, or add a ribbon for easy tying.  Custom Assembly for Custom Orders is our specialty.