Our Customers say

Your beautiful orchids! I’ve used them doing shows several times and am amazed at the quality. Thanks for your work to make the world a more beautiful place and I look forward to working with your beautiful flowers again soon. All the best!
Neville MacKay , CAFA PFCI WFC
I have followed and liked you all over the place. You know your product is best in the WORLD! I have loved your products for many years.
Steven Stewart-Clark
So lucky to have met and had pleasure of working with you, Amy, and your wonderful orchids at the Philadelphia Flower Show thru Bill Schaffer
Robert Quartucci Jr
Doesn’t get much better than Amy’s Orchids! I’m a huge fan!
Yoli LaGuerre
. . . continued consistent quality of products and service that we have received . . . from our friends at Amy’s Orchids. . . . continued to provide us with the high quality products that our clients expect from us. Amy’s Orchids has helped to keep Schaffer Designs looking great since 2007. Tom Vail . . . in Thailand [and] . . . Amy . . .in the United States . . . their high regard for quality products and the care and handling.
Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI and Kristine Kratt AIFD, PFCI